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Therapies Based on Target Symptom

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A broad range of therapies are available that target the diverse symptoms of ASD. We organize therapies in the following three symptom-based categories:


1. Core symptoms (social and communication deficits, repetitive behaviors)


2. Associated challenging symptoms (irritability, aggression, ADHD, GI problems, sleep problems)


3. Skill development (education, cognitive development, life skills)




It’s important to consider that not all therapies are equal. While some treatment options have been tested in well-designed studies (evidence-based), others are only now emerging. Some of these are well established (evidence-based) while others maybe promising or emerging therapeutics requiring further assessment of its clinical utility.

MindSpec's Evidence Categories

Key Points
  • There is no magic pill or procedure that cures all symptoms associated with autism.
  • The associated symptoms of autism are vast and varied. There are several treatment options for associated symptoms, including FDA-approved drugs, cognitive behavior therapy, and new technologies.
  • Inclusive schools and low-cost sensory programs may help skill development in children with ASD.
  • A treatment option is considered evidence-based if it has gone through the rigors of scientific testing.

There are no FDA-approved drugs to treat autism-associated symptoms.


The FDA has approved two antipsychotic medications for irritability in children with ASD, aripiprazole and risperidone.

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