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In Autism Reading Room, we deliver relevant, updated information for the entire autism community, including parents, caregivers, teachers, service providers and anyone interested.

In this segment of our Reading Room, we provide our audience with original news stories written by our science writers on the latest peer-reviewed science articles. In our selection process, we aim to identify studies that may have direct application in improving lives of individuals with autism.

Our news stories are structured in a simple, easy-to-follow format with the following sections:

  • Background
  • What’s New
  • Why is it Important

Our goal is to avoid producing confusing news stories filled with scientific jargon. To ensure that our audience can easily understand each topic, we provide additional resources within our portal. The "Reading Room Guide" (the person at the bottom of each summary) transports the visitor to relevant pages of Autism Reading Room to provide background context to each news story.

We value the originality of our content and strive to provide the most reliable resources for our audience.

Please note, no information presented in this section should be construed as medical advice. Visitors should contact a medical professional with all health or treatment related questions.

Key Points
  • "News in Context" summarizes research across a wide range of autism topics.
  • We link news summaries to relevant Autism Reading Room pages to provide background context to recent research.
  • "Reading Room Guides" help visitors find relevant background information within Autism Reading Room.
  • No information presented in this section should be considered medical advice.

Websites that look professional and have numerous testimonies about an autism cure must be true and are trusted sources of information.


Just because a website looks nice does not mean it contains accurate, or even safe, information. When reading about autism research, you can verify that information is reputable by looking for references to peer-reviewed research studies.

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