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Reading Room FAQ


What is Autism Reading Room?

Autism Reading Room is a one-stop shop to explore, discover, and analyze autism research. Built by experts in the field, Autism Reading Room is a forward-thinking resource that explains the science of autism to a general audience while providing real-time analysis of autism’s hot topics—all in an easy-to-navigate, sleek format.

Who runs Autism Reading Room?

MindSpec, a nonprofit organization that uses innovative bioinformatics strategies to accelerate scientific research on autism, runs Autism Reading Room. Autism Reading Room is the first social project of MindSpec.

Who contributes to Autism Reading Room stories?

MindSpec writers and guest scientists contribute to Autism Reading Room. All MindSpec writers and contributors are experts in their field and bring years of experience and understanding to their stories.

What are the sources of information for Autism Reading Room?

The writers and contributors to Autism Reading Room use peer-reviewed scientific publications and information from experts in the field as source material.

Who funds Autism Reading Room?

MindSpec is the primary funding organization for Autism Reading Room. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Autism Reading Room, please visit our "Support Us" page.

How can I receive Autism Reading Room updates?

If you would like to receive Autism Reading Room updates, please visit Autism Reading Room's Facebook page, or follow @AutismRR on Twitter!

How can I contact Autism Reading Room staff?

Autism Reading Room staff can be reached at AutismRR@mindspec.org.

How can I contribute to Autism Reading Room?

If you are a reader who would like to contribute funding to Autism Reading Room, please visit our "Support Us" page.

If you are an expert in the field of autism, neurobiology, or other neurodevelopmental disorders and would like to contribute written material to Autism Reading Room, please contact us at AutismRR@mindspec.org.


Does Autism Reading Room also have clinical information?

The main goal of Autism Reading Room is to explain the science behind autism biology and research rather than to present clinical information. For clinical information, please visit the Parent's Corner.

How do I cite Autism Reading Room?

Autism Reading Room can be cited using the following format:

Autism Reading Room. MindSpec, Inc. Web. [date of access].