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Diagnostic Tools for School-Age Children

A recent study suggests that a blood test could speed up the diagnostic process for ASD. Explore this page to learn how ASD is typically diagnosed.

In this section, we discuss the tools used for autism diagnosis.

Key Points
  • ADI-R is a 100-item interview that helps diagnose autism in children and adults with a mental age over 2 years.
  • ADOS-G is an observation-based assessment of the socio-communicative behaviors that are often delayed in autism and other pervasive developmental disorders.
  • CARS is a 15-item rating scale that evaluates body movements, adaptation to change, listening response, verbal communication, and relationship to people.

ASD can be diagnosed based on biomarkers in blood or urine samples.


To date, there are no laboratory tests for ASD diagnosis. Instead, ASD is diagnosed based on using an established set of behavior evaluations.

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