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Academic Skills Apps

The following apps are designed to mimic skills taught by a teacher or professional. You will find the subcategory, application name, application platform (iPhone, iPad, etc), review rating (out of 5), price, and brief description. The subcategories for academic skills apps include reading, recreation, language, math skills, concepts, and arts.

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Sub-category Application Name Platform Review Rating # of Ratings Price Description
Arts Faces iMake iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 20 $1.99 Creative Arts
Arts Fingerpaint Magic iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 41 FREE Creative Arts
Concepts Magical Concepts iPhone, iPad NA $9.99 Spatial, Temporal, Quantity, Quality concepts
Language ABA Flash Cards iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 35 FREE Expressive and receptive language skills; vocabulary
Language ABA Receptive Identification iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 52 FREE Foundational language
Language Articulation Station iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 11 FREE Pronunciation
Language Autism iHelp iPhone, iPad NA FREE Vocabulary
Language Puzzle Spelling Words iPad 4.5/5 8 FREE Letter recognition; spelling, reading
Math Skills Arithmaroo 1: A Counting Math Game for Kids iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 18 $1.99 Cognitive
Math Skills Candy Count iPhone, iPad 4/5 20 FREE Counting
Math Skills Early Counting Skills iPhone, iPad 3/5 7 FREE Counting
Math Skills Toddler Counting 123 iPhone, iPad 4/5 24 $0.99 Counting
Reading ABA - What Rhymes? iPhone, iPad 4/5 312 FREE Pre-reading; spelling; decoding words
Reading Bitsboard iPad 5/5 16 FREE Reading; Spelling
Reading Bob Books - Reading Magic iPhone, iPad 4/5 332 $3.99 Reading; Spelling
Reading See.Touch.Learn iPad 3.5/5 31 FREE Words; self expression
Recreation Happy Geese iPad NA FREE Games