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Functional Skills Apps

The following apps are designed to help individuals with life skills. You will find the subcategory, application name, application platform (iPhone, iPad, etc), review rating (out of 5), price, and brief description. The subcategories for functional skills apps include communication, emotion, language, living skills, recreation, and visual.

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Sub-category Application Name Platform Review Rating # of Ratings Price Description
Communication Autism
& PDD Yes/No Questions
iPad 3/5 6 $14.99 Language; Joint attention; reciprocity
Communication Autism
and PDD Reasoning and Problem Solving
iPad 3.5/5 14 $14.99 Speech; Problem Solving; Reasoning
Communication Board
iPad NA NA $4.99 Speech; Motivation
Communication Conversation
social stories
iPhone, iPad 3/5 16 $3.99 Communication; Social skills
Communication Speech
iPhone, iPad NA  NA $4.99 Speech
Communication TapToTalk iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 25 FREE Communication
Communication VAST
Autism 1 - Core
iPhone, iPad 4/5 19 $1.99 Speech
Emotion Autism
iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 13 FREE Emotions
Emotion Calm
iPhone, iPad 3/5 28 $2.99 Calming from anger/anxiety
Emotion Touch
and Learn - Emotions
iPhone, iPad 4/5 103 FREE Body language; understand emotions
Language Autism
Language Learning
iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 8 $19.99 Language
Living Skills Autism
Activity Routines
iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 12 FREE Self care; home routines; independence
Living Skills Choiceworks iPhone, iPad 4/5 13 $2.99 Complete daily routine, control feelings; improve
waiting skills
Living Skills Work
System (Autism)
iPhone, iPad 3/5 8 $0.99 Independence; systematic work routine
Recreation PreSchool
iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 78 FREE Games
Recreation Shapes iPhone, iPad 4/5 27 FREE Games
Social FindMe(Autism) iPhone, iPad 2/5 10 FREE Social skills
Social; Communication Sequences
for Autism
iPad NA  NA FREE Communication; Social; Self help; Spatial depth
orientation; Structure thoughts & idea
Social; Communication storysmart iPad NA NA FREE Social language skills
Visual Build-it-up iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 24 FREE Visual perception skills; fine motor skills; math
Visual iPrompts iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 11 $39.99 Visual Support; Prompting; Schedule