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Complete List of Reviewed Apps


Application Category Sub-category Application Name Platform Review Rating # Ratings Price Description
Academic Skills Arts Faces iMake iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 20 $1.99 Creative Arts
Academic Skills Arts Fingerpaint Magic iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 41 FREE Creative Arts
Academic Skills Concepts Magical Concepts iPhone, iPad NA $9.99 Spatial, Temporal, Quantity, Quality concepts
Academic Skills Language ABA Flash Cards iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 35 FREE Expressive and receptive language skills; vocabulary
Academic Skills Language ABA Receptive Identification iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 52 FREE Foundational language
Academic Skills Language Articulation Station iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 11 FREE Pronunciation
Academic Skills Language Autism iHelp iPhone, iPad NA FREE Vocabulary
Academic Skills Language Puzzle Spelling Words iPad 4.5/5 8 FREE Letter recognition; spelling, reading
Academic Skills Math Skills Arithmaroo 1: A Counting Math
Game for Kids
iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 18 $1.99 Cognitive
Academic Skills Math Skills Candy Count iPhone, iPad 4/5 20 FREE Counting
Academic Skills Math Skills Early Counting Skills iPhone, iPad 3/5 7 FREE Counting
Academic Skills Math Skills Toddler Counting 123 iPhone, iPad 4/5 24 $0.99 Counting
Academic Skills Reading ABA - What Rhymes? iPhone, iPad 4/5 312 FREE Pre-reading; spelling; decoding words
Academic Skills Reading Bitsboard iPad 5/5 16 FREE Reading; Spelling
Academic Skills Reading Bob Books - Reading Magic iPhone, iPad 4/5 332 $3.99 Reading; Spelling
Academic Skills Reading See.Touch.Learn iPad 3.5/5 31 FREE Words; self expression
Academic Skills Recreation Happy Geese iPad NA FREE Games
Autism News/Awareness News Autism Asperger's Digest iPhone, iPad 4/5 6 FREE News
Autism News/Awareness News Autism News Reader iPhone, iPad 2/5 6 $0.99 na
Autism News/Awareness News Autism Parenting iPad NA FREE News
Autism News/Awareness News Autism Quiz iPhone, iPad NA FREE na
Autism News/Awareness News The Autism Speaks Network iPhone, iPad NA FREE News
Functional Skills Communication Autism & PDD Yes/No
iPad 3/5 6 $14.99 Language; Joint attention; reciprocity
Functional Skills Communication Autism and PDD Reasoning and
Problem Solving
iPad 3.5/5 14 $14.99 Speech; Problem Solving; Reasoning
Functional Skills Communication Board Builder iPad NA $4.99 Speech; Motivation
Functional Skills Communication Conversation social stories iPhone, iPad 3/5 16 $3.99 Communication; Social skills
Functional Skills Communication Speech Prompt iPhone, iPad NA $4.99 Speech
Functional Skills Communication TapToTalk iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 25 FREE Communication
Functional Skills Communication VAST Autism 1 - Core iPhone, iPad 4/5 19 $1.99 Speech
Functional Skills Emotion Autism Emotion iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 13 FREE Emotions
Functional Skills Emotion Calm Counter iPhone, iPad 3/5 28 $2.99 Calming from anger/anxiety
Functional Skills Emotion Touch and Learn - Emotions iPhone, iPad 4/5 103 FREE Body language; understand emotions
Functional Skills Language Autism Language Learning iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 8 $19.99 Language
Functional Skills Living Skills Autism Activity Routines iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 12 FREE Self care; home routines; independence
Functional Skills Living Skills Choiceworks iPhone, iPad 4/5 13 $2.99 Complete daily routine, control feelings; improve
waiting skills
Functional Skills Living Skills Work System (Autism) iPhone, iPad 3/5 8 $0.99 Independence; systematic work routine
Functional Skills Recreation PreSchool EduKidsRoom iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 78 FREE Games
Functional Skills Recreation Shapes iPhone, iPad 4/5 27 FREE Games
Functional Skills Social FindMe(Autism) iPhone, iPad 2/5 10 FREE Social skills
Functional Skills Social; Communication Sequences for Autism iPad NA FREE Communication; Social; Self help; Spatial depth
orientation; Structure thoughts & idea
Functional Skills Social; Communication storysmart iPad NA FREE Social language skills
Functional Skills Visual Build-it-up iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 24 FREE Visual perception skills; fine motor skills; math
Functional Skills Visual iPrompts iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 11 $39.99 Visual Support; Prompting; Schedule
Support/Services Services Care Circles iPad NA FREE Find caregivers
Support/Services Support Autism Apps iPhone, iPad 3.5/5 224 FREE App Search
Support/Services Support Autism Council of Utah iPhone, iPad NA FREE Social Network
Support/Services Support Autism Tracker iPhone, iPad 4.5/5 54 $9.99 Track symptoms
Support/Services Support AutismTrack iPhone 2.5/5 17 $0.99 Track symptoms
Support/Services Support i.AM Search iPhone 4/5 10 FREE App Search
Support/Services Support My Autism Day iPad 5/5 37 FREE Track behavior, progress, therapy